I am a 23 years young Tennessee native and I am a follower of Christ and a wife to my best friend. I’m a small town nobody who’s biggest dreams are to honor Jesus with the way I live my life, love my husband well, and love people well.


Hi there, welcome! You’re officially seeing the face behind this little biz. Was it what you expected? Jk, jk.

In all seriousness though, I’m glad you’re here!

So like I said, I’m a small town nobody from TN and I’m currently resided in Jacksonville, NC. My heart loves the fact that I only live 20 minutes from the beach and have a Chick-fil-a 3 miles up the road. My heart also loves my best friend (bit mushy? yes? no?) and we just celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary. We were just babies when we got married (19 and 20) and we wouldn’t have it any other way. I never imagined myself leaving my roots in TN but the Lord had other plans. Matt enlisted with the Marine Corps so now we just do what the government tells us. (haha)

However, those are the fun facts so let’s get into things a bit deeper.

A word I would use to describe myself is an antisocial-extrovert. I’m not really sure if that’s a thing but I’ll claim it. I’m an Enneagram 4 (where my 4’s at?) and so as you can imagine I have a love/hate relationship with the outside world. I thrive on rainy days, I enjoy time to myself (I gotta have a day to rest and be away from people hahaha), and I’m always trying to find myself.

So how did I get into photography?

I’m a huge feeler. I love movement. I love emotion. I love laughter. I love the creative outlet photography has. I enjoy hearing my clients stories and figuring out what makes them who they are as a couple + what they love about each other. I love creating a calm atmosphere and setting expectations. I love that photography is an art form and that I can frame my subjects to create a still image they can hang on their wall. Photography became that blessing in disguise for my life. It came at the right time. It’s something I love I could put my name on.