I am a 22 years young Tennessee native and I am a follower of Christ and a wife to my best friend. I’m a small town nobody who’s biggest dreams are to honor Jesus with the way I live my life, love my husband well, and love people well.


I always had an interest in photography and fascinated with the art form of it and how photos capture a memory that lasts for years and years. Photography for me has been a blessing in disguise. The people I have met and became friends with as well the places it’s taken me is something I will never take for granted. The fact that I take photos of people and give them something to hang on their walls and cherish forever is what makes me feel like I’m fulfilling my purpose in life.


Recently in the past few months I packed up and moved my life to NC to be with my husband who serves in the United States Marine Corps. So for the next few years I'll be dwelling here in Jacksonville. Living only 20 minutes from the beach is still something my little small town TN mind can’t comprehend.